Turn up the Heat with these Summer Home Security Tips

Holidays, festivals, hot weather and barbecues all signal the arrival of summer, but with them comes a countrywide increase in burglaries and theft.

Here, we share our top five summer home security tips to help you look after your home this summer, and reduce the risk of needing the help of an emergency locksmith.

Shut all the windows and doors

It sounds obvious, but this is the number one way that burglars gain entry during the warmer months. Remembering to close windows and doors when you’re not in is essential in stopping opportunists. This also applies when you are in but in another area of the house. You would be surprised at how many burglaries we attend where the burglar has walked in through the front door while a family are soaking up the sun in the back garden.

Put your post on hold

If you’re going away for more than a couple of days, keeping your post safe and out of sight is the best thing to hide the fact that you’re away. There’s nothing that screams ‘we’re on holiday!’ more than a mound of post in the porch. Royal Mail’s Keepsafe Service stores letters for up to 66 days and can also help prevent mail theft and fraud.

Don’t share your movements on social media

While you might think you’re only sharing your holiday plans with your friends and family, there are numerous ways that thieves might get a tip off. Shares, comments and likes can often be seen by friends of friends – and you never know who’s reading.

Put a temporary stop to the papers and milk

Like the post, papers and milk bottles that gather in the porch or at the front door are clear indicators that you are away from home. Put a temporary stop on them until you’re back home.

Avoid giving accidental tip offs

Think about how you label your luggage. Putting your mobile number, email address, name and travel destination on the tag should be okay, but leave off your home address and landline number. Avoid discussing your travel plans in detail with people you may encounter, such as taxi drivers and shop staff. You never know who is listening.

Original Article Here: Turn up the Heat with these Summer Home Security Tips


Before leaving your home for a summer getaway, always keep your home secured first. Wheaton Mobile Locksmith can help when it comes on upgrading your home security system.


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