When Is the Best Time to Change or Rekey the Door Locks on Your Home?

There are few locks that are part of your life that are more important than the locks on the exterior doors of your home. They are your first line of defense against home invasion, theft and keeping your family safe and secure. Given these facts and these locks importance we are somewhat confused as to why people do not rekey or simply change their door locks more often.

lock maintenance

There are definitely more good reasons than you might think for doing one of these two exterior door lock tasks at your home. That’s why we will go over the most important reasons for rekeying or changing the locks on your home’s exterior doors in this article.

Examples of great reasons to get your exterior door locks rekeyed or changed

Here are some very good examples of some times when it’s highly beneficial and recommended to get the locks on the exterior doors found in your home rekeyed or changed out:

  • When you have just taken possession of a new home

You have to remember when you move into a new home you don’t have any idea how many people were in possession of the keys to those door locks. Most likely babysitters, relatives, repairmen and more were in possession of a door key to the premises at one time or another.

Do this even when you move into a brand new house too. Every contractor that worked on the interior of that house was probably in possession of one of the entrance door keys. So don’t take for granted even if your home is newly built that its door locks are not compromised.

  • After a few years’ time when wear and tear are evident

If you go to turn your key in the exterior door lock of your home and it turns half an inch before engaging, that’s a sign of a door lock that is just about worn out. That is not surprising because few features on your home get used as much as your door locks. If you have a gold or chrome coated door lock and you can see a ¼” area around the keyhole is now bare metal that’s another sign that it’s time to replace that entire door lock.

  • When a key gets very hard to turn or an electronic keypad is constantly malfunctioning

Another big sign of a malfunctioning door lock is when your key gets very hard to turn. Make sure you don’t break it off in the lock or you are in trouble. Also, if you have electronic keypad entry on your front door and you have to enter the code 5 times before your door unlocks you might need that keypad or door lock mechanism changed.

  • If you lose favor with a person who was once in possession of your house key

The last person you want in possession of an active door key to your house is someone that currently has a grudge against you. If you have an ex-roommate or significant other that you no longer get along with make sure you change every lock on your home that they once had access to. If you have ever watched an episode of “The People’s Court” you will know why this makes sense.

  • When upgrades offer better security or easier access

There are times when there is a better and more secure alternative to the door locks you currently have on your home’s exterior doors. This is especially true if you have an older home. Electronic keypads offer home entry that does not require you to carry a key around you might lose and you can simply change the access code if a roommate or another person leaves your residence that you no longer want to have access to your house.

The importance of periodically upgrading your home’s exterior door locks cannot be emphasized enough. Would-be thieves constantly upgrade their lock picking techniques and upgrading your locks will help keep you a step ahead of this.

  • In cases where you or a family member has lost their home keys

Anytime you or a family member loses an exterior door key it’s always best to change the locks or get them rekeyed and not take chances. Even if you think you will eventually find your keys don’t wait too long to call a locksmith because your home is now less secure after losing your keys.

  • Any time after there is a burglary or theft at your home

Unfortunately, when your home is broken into the threat does not stop when the thieves leave. This is especially true if they jimmied open your exterior door locks or used other forceful entry means on them. Those locks may never work right again so it’s best to replace them.

Also the thieves may have gotten ahold of your spare set of keys. So it’s always a good idea after a burglary or home invasion to at least get your exterior door locks rekeyed.

  • For aesthetics

There is nothing that says you can’t have a good looking door lock that improves the looks of your exterior doors and your home.

  • After a divorce

This one needs no explanation. Especially if it’s a messy divorce and the other person got less in the settlement than they thought they rightfully deserved.

Give Us a Call the Next Time You Need Your Home’s Exterior Door Locks Changed or Rekeyed

When it’s time to have your home’s exterior door locks replaced or rekeyed in Wheaton, Illinois there is no better locksmith service to do that than Wheaton Mobile Locksmith. We are experts at repairing, upgrading and installing any type of exterior door lock on your home. Our locksmiths can even handle working on high security locks and all different types of electronically controlled door locks. No job is too big or too small and our home locksmith service prices are more affordable than you probably think.


Home Security Systems Help Prevent Burglaries

A question that many homeowners ask themselves is if their home is safe once they leave it for work or for other activities.  Home security  is a concern, and a cause of worry, for many homeowners.

One of the biggest threats to  home   security  is burglary. In the United States alone, over 500,000 burglaries are committed each month. Yet, only one percent of burglars ever go to jail, and what’s worse, the jail time for people who commit burglary is often less than 14 months.


The FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigations reports that a burglary occurs somewhere in the U.S. every 15.4 seconds. It is the most popular threat to the American home. The classic example of a burglary is entering and stealing form private property when the owners are at work or at school or on vacation.


Most burglaries occur during the day and the most common months are July and August when it is hot and more people are out. Young men under the age of 25 commit the most amounts of burglaries. Favorite items that are stolen are money, guns, jewelry, laptop computers, and other small electronic devices.


Seventy percent of people who commit a burglary use force when breaking and entering, but entering through an open door or window is the preferred method. Screwdrivers, pliers and hammers are most often used to get into a house. For  homes  that are not equipped with any type of  security   system , many people who commit a burglary in these  homes  are able to do it without ever being caught.


In fact, burglaries of homes are not random happenings. People don’t enter a home without considering what type of home it is. Burglars choose homes that are unoccupied, that have easy access, that allow the burglar to stay undiscovered and that have an easy way to escape. A skilled burglar can enter, take what they need, and leave a house all in a short period of time.


It is for the reason of burglary, along with  home  invasions, that  home   security   systems  are excellent to have in the  home . Furthermore,  home   security  monitoring  systems  have proven to be excellent for catching burglaries on camera for the crime to be reported to authorities.


A good  home   security  monitoring  system  has a  system  that will monitor your  home  24 hours a day and for seven days a week. If there is an emergency, your  home   security  monitoring  system  will transmit signals back to what is known as a monitoring center. The monitoring center will try to contact the homeowner. If the person answering the phone can not supply a personal identification code or if no one answers the phone, the police are called. This means that while you are at work, school or on vacation, authorities can be contacted to investigate suspicious activity at your home. For many homeowners, this feature provides a huge peace of mind.


Professional  home   security   systems  include digital keypads, keychain remote access, infrared interior motion detectors, high decibel alarm sirens, battery backup and professional installation.


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Burglary is a risk for home owners. It’s the reason why we should keep our place secured by installing home security systems and upgrade our locks. Looking for a professional help? Contact Wheaton Mobile Locksmith now!

Wheaton Mobile Locksmith in Wheaton, IL: Transponder Keys, Problems

Transponder keys are one of the newer types of keys that come with vehicles. They are great for offering added security to your vehicle. However, there is a lot about transponder keys that you may not know. 

As a locksmith company, we have many customers come to us with transponder key issues. The problems vary so much and often leaves car owners confused, frustrated and even annoyed. However, we handle all types of transponder keys here at Wheaton Mobile Locksmith in Wheaton, IL. If you have a problem with your transponder key, make sure you give us a visit. 


Let’s Get to Know Some More About Transponder Keys 

Transponder keys are a more secure way of starting your vehicle. The key has a little chip in it that transmits a signal to the vehicle’s computer. If this signal is not sent or received, the vehicle won’t start. This is what makes these types of keys so great at enhancing security.  Gone are the days when thieves could easily hotwire a car.  

Transponder keys often look like a regular key. In fact, the only thing that usually distinguishes the key is the fact that there is a transponder chip inside it. Many transponder keys may be mistaken for regular car keys. That’s how similar they often look! Although this difference seems to be very small, it makes a world of difference between the two keys.  

What Can Go Wrong with Transponder Keys? 

Transponder keys sound amazing, right? They really are. But, there are several problems that you can encounter with them. Here are some of the most common situations that you may end up experiencing. 

  • Your transponder key gets stuck in the ignition 

Remember, transponder keys are not invincible. They are prone to all the damages and unfortunate incidences that you can experience with a regular key. So, one of the things that may happen to you is that it gets stuck in the ignition. If it does happen to you, make sure that you do not panic. It is always best to stay calm in situations like these. It will help you to think much more clearly so you can figure out the best course of action to take.  

If you believe that your key is stuck, do not try to yank it out of the ignition, you may worsen the problem. Just do a few checks to make sure that it is truly stuck before you call for help. Make sure you are in the correct gear, check the position of your steering wheel and make sure that you have done any other safety check that your vehicle has. Sometimes you will be able to get the key out of the ignition. But, if it is really stuck, make sure you call on a reliable locksmith to help 

  • The transponder key breaks 

There are many ways that you can break your key. However, make sure that you do not break it because you were using the key to perform tasks such as open bottles, boxes etc. In fact, it is never good to use your key for any task other than those that it is meant to perform. Once you use your key otherwise, you may make it more susceptible to breakage. Plus, you may damage the ridges of the key so it becomes useless after a while.  

  • The transponder chip falls out  

If you tend to drop your keys a lot, this may end up happening to you. Many persons who have had their chip fall out, lost it because the key fell. If your key falls and comes apart, make sure that the chip is inside when you are putting it all back together. Remember, the key needs the chip so you can start your vehicle. Although you may use the key to open the trunk and doors of the vehicle, you won’t be able to get it started.  

  • You lose your transponder key 

No matter who you are or how careful you are, you can lose your car key at some point in time. Maybe it hasn’t happened to you yet and we hope it won’t. But, it is something that has happened to many persons before. When it comes on to transponder keys, the situation may seem a bit more serious. Why? Transponder keys are not as cheap to duplicate, make or copy. In fact, if you lose your transponder key and you are not able to find it, be prepared to spend as much as a few hundred dollars. 

Why does it have to cost so much? transponder keys are made so they are very hard to duplicate. It is a safety feature of these types of keys. What that means however, is that they require special skills and machinery to make. Of course, this means more expense. Try as hard as you can not to lose your transponder key. You will save yourself a lot of money.  

  • The transponder key stops working 

Transponder keys have to be programmed with your vehicle in order to work. Sometimes, the key needs to be reprogrammed so it may seem like it has stopped working. If you didn’t drop your key and there is no other damage to the key, once you realize that it is not working, it may be a simple fix. Some keys are easy to reprogram so you can do it yourself. Others are more difficult and may require professional assistance.  

If reprogramming is not your issue, you may just have dead batteries. Yes, transponder keys often have batteries in them. Once you replace those dead batteries, your keys should be functional again. 

What to Do If You Have a Problem with Your Transponder Key? 

No matter what has gone wrong with your transponder key, there is a solution to get it working again. If you need an affordable place to resolve issues with your transponder keys, call us at Wheaton Mobile Locksmith in Wheaton, IL. Not in Wheaton? We wish we could help! But, we are sure that you have a locksmith in your neck of the woods that is capable of handling your transponder key issues 


Advantages of Hiring A 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

It is very common to find issues related to locks and keys of houses and cars. Some of the most common issues are:


  • You might have lost the keys while traveling
  • A lot of people get a duplicate key designed for the future so that they can use it during emergency


As it takes some time for the user to realize that he/she has lost the keys, it is very important that the locksmith is readily available to resolve the issue.


Accurate Solutions


Usually, a 24-hour emergency locksmith is certified or licensed by the government. It ensures that the locksmith provides reliable service and solution to the prospective customer. Overall, a certified locksmith ensures that the customer’s anxiety gets a halt. Hence, by hiring a 24-hour emergency locksmith the risk of quality compromise reduces.


Rapid Response Rate


Many people prefer to hire a 24-hour emergency locksmith because of his/her ability to arrive at the site of repair at the earliest. Almost every 24-hour emergency locksmith ensures that he/she responds immediately to the request placed by a prospective customer. Also, the customer need not wait till morning for their help.


Cost-effective Service Providers


While looking at fixing a lock or any part of a door, a lock-based showroom usually charges a bomb. This is where a 24-hour emergency locksmith is very useful. He/she charges a price that is cheaper than the rates charged by the showrooms. This factor alone makes emergency locksmiths the better alternative when compared to the expensive showrooms.


Excellent Lock Fixing Skills and Knowledge


Most of the locks used these days are designed to withstand any kind of intrusions and avoid robbers from getting in. These designs are made up of the most intricate mechanisms. Hence, to fix these locks highly skilled and knowledgeable people are required. A 24-hour emergency locksmith usually has these skills and can quickly figure out the issue.


Expertise in Different Kinds of Locks


A 24-hour emergency locksmith is competent enough to solve any kind of issue with the lock. They can fix locks in residential apartments, commercial locks, like safe lockers in banks, and complicated locking mechanisms found in the cars. Usually an emergency locksmith will never say no to any kind of issue related to locks.


Available 24/7


There are a wide number of companies that employs 24-hour emergency locksmiths and operate 24 hours in a day and 7 days in week. This allows customers to maintain a short list of prospective locksmiths. This list ensures that a locksmith is available in the case of an emergency.


Quick Results


A damaged lock will usually require a locksmith to provide quick and efficient service. A 24-hour emergency locksmith is usually quick with his service and ensures that the customer can get back to his/her routine as soon as possible.


Many people usually go through the stress of a lockout. The best advice for these people is to call a 24-hour emergency locksmith and get the lock fixed without any kind of stress. Since there are many locksmiths available in the market, it is very simple for the customers to get overwhelmed with the choices. In addition to this, there may be fraudsters who might promise that they are the right ones for fixing any kind of issue related to locks. People have to be careful while hiring locksmiths because these locksmiths might be thieves disguised as locksmiths.


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Stuck in the middle of nowhere? Need an emergency locksmith solution? Turn to Wheaton Mobile Locksmith!

Turn up the Heat with these Summer Home Security Tips

Holidays, festivals, hot weather and barbecues all signal the arrival of summer, but with them comes a countrywide increase in burglaries and theft.

Here, we share our top five summer home security tips to help you look after your home this summer, and reduce the risk of needing the help of an emergency locksmith.

Shut all the windows and doors

It sounds obvious, but this is the number one way that burglars gain entry during the warmer months. Remembering to close windows and doors when you’re not in is essential in stopping opportunists. This also applies when you are in but in another area of the house. You would be surprised at how many burglaries we attend where the burglar has walked in through the front door while a family are soaking up the sun in the back garden.

Put your post on hold

If you’re going away for more than a couple of days, keeping your post safe and out of sight is the best thing to hide the fact that you’re away. There’s nothing that screams ‘we’re on holiday!’ more than a mound of post in the porch. Royal Mail’s Keepsafe Service stores letters for up to 66 days and can also help prevent mail theft and fraud.

Don’t share your movements on social media

While you might think you’re only sharing your holiday plans with your friends and family, there are numerous ways that thieves might get a tip off. Shares, comments and likes can often be seen by friends of friends – and you never know who’s reading.

Put a temporary stop to the papers and milk

Like the post, papers and milk bottles that gather in the porch or at the front door are clear indicators that you are away from home. Put a temporary stop on them until you’re back home.

Avoid giving accidental tip offs

Think about how you label your luggage. Putting your mobile number, email address, name and travel destination on the tag should be okay, but leave off your home address and landline number. Avoid discussing your travel plans in detail with people you may encounter, such as taxi drivers and shop staff. You never know who is listening.

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Before leaving your home for a summer getaway, always keep your home secured first. Wheaton Mobile Locksmith can help when it comes on upgrading your home security system.

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